Workout For Free,  Pay if You Screw Up
The Village Push
The only health and fitness company in the universe that will give you expert fitness and nutrition plans, accountability tribes, and a reinforcement system to help you accomplish your goals FOR FREE.  You only have to pay if you choose to screw up.
  • FREE library of exercise plans and videos to choose from
  • FREE Nutrition Plans created by our own registered dietician
  • FREE Accountability Groups 
  • FREE Cheat Days to skip a workout and eat what ever you want
"I lost 7.3 pounds and 2.5 inches off my belly - - this thing really works!  In 30 days, that's incredible!"
Husband, Father of 4 kids, Busy Traveling CEO
"I started the Village Push at 260 lb. and 47 ½” around the belly. I had slowly made enough bad health choices (over 5 years) to the point where I felt like losing weight was going to be like moving a mountain. People can say it’s easy to lose weight, you just have to do it…but the reality is I developed bad eating habits and no exercise regimen. I needed a push in the right direction….and most importantly, they type of push that made me feel like I could do it in “digestible” bites with the daily goals and eating requirements. The Village Push takes something we have all heard in the past….”It takes a village to raise a child”…and incorporates it into your health. If you surround yourself with people making the right choices and towards a common goal than you have the village. And once you get going it’s fun because you hold those around you accountable for all the right reasons…pushing everyone in the village to be successful. I am grateful to say the Village Push helped me lose 5” around the belly and 40 lb. of fat."
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